YUM Team


Dominika Bijos

Co-Founder and Lead Organiser

Dominika has organised YUM since 2012. She is responsible for website, media, special events like career sessions and publications. She completed her PhD with Dr Marcus Drake at the University of Bristol. Currently working in medical e-learning industry in London, UK. She is raising awareness of urology research and her recent TEDx Talk was entitled “To pee or not to pee?”
Research interests: Bladder integrative physiology: bladder wall movements – from cells to system function.


John S. Young

Co-Founder and Lead Organiser

John has organised YUM since 2012. He is responsible for budgets, contacts with keynotes and sponsors. He is a dedicated researcher with a passion for educating tomorrow’s scientists and health-care practitioners. Currently he is a group leader and a Senior Lecturer at University of Portsmouth, UK. Read more about his research interests and projects in urology.
Research interests: Bladder wall signalling in physiology and pathophysiology.

Southmead Hospital Charity; Monday 30th March 2015; ©Barbara Evripidou2015; m: 07879443963; barbara@firstavenuephotography.com

Alan Uren


Alan is currently working as a research assistant at the Bristol Urological Institute. He is also in his second year of his PhD at the university of Bristol, developing a new patient reported outcome measure for underactive bladder.

Research interests: Underactive bladder, PRO questionnaire development, qualitative research.

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Basu has recently graduated with a PhD from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, which focused on understanding the physiology and contractility of the human prostate gland, the changes that occur, and the implications it has for treating prostate specific diseases to ultimately improve patient outcomes. He has relocated to half way around the world, literally, and is currently a Research Associate in Prof. Christopher Fry’s and Dr. Marcus Drake’s laboratory at the University of Bristol in Bristol, UK.
Research interests: Bladder physiology, smooth muscle contractility, urogenital physiology and pharmacology

Interested in being involved in organising YUM meetings?

Get in touch: admin@young-urology.org

Organising committee members 2012-2015:
Darryl Kitney. Former PhD student (now a Dr!) at University of Surrey, UK.
Research interests: Bladder integrative physiology: effects of temperature on bladder wall movements and contractility.

Giulia Gigliobianco. Former PhD student (now a Dr!) at Kroto Research Institute, School of Material Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK.
Research interests: Tissue Engineering of the Pelvic Floor

Ramona Hohnen. Former PhD student (now a Dr!) at Maastricht University, the Netherlands.
Research interests: signaling processes of the urinary bladder, pathological control of urinary bladder activity.

Bahareh Vahabi. Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England
Research interests: Integrative physiology of the bladder/ whole bladder models.

Prajni Sadananda. Business Development and Strategy Manager at Medtronic
Research interests: Brainstem / autonomic control of the bladder, including its pharmacological manipulation in animal models.