Previous Keynotes - Expert speakers

Prof. Linda Cardozoprofessor of Urogynaecology from King’s College Hospital
Dr Keith Brain, Senior Lecturer in Neurobiology University of Birmingham, UK
Dr Karen McCloskey from Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Dr Phillip Smith from University of Connecticut Health Center, USA
Prof. Yasuhiko Igawa from University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Marcus Drake from Bristol Urological Institute, UK
Prof. Chris Fry from University of Bristol, UK

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Science communication

We teamed up with Getty Science to help researchers bring their results closer to the public and help them master science communication. The result is a collection of stories explaining the research presented at previous Young Urology Meetings.

Previous researcher development sessions

Researcher development session 2015:
Being a good researcher needs combining knowledge, skill and personal effectiveness with management and communication. We organised a session featuring new areas of researcher development:
– promoting urology research: outreach in YUM popular science review @GettyScience
– how to publish and peer review by Dr Peter Sidaway from Nature Reviews Urology
– support for trainees from International Continence Society by Jennifer Ellis@ICSoffice
– clinical trials management by Ranjena MaloniPrincess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada
 What makes research interesting to industry? by Dr Kristian Juul@Kristian_Juul Ferring Pharmaceuticals


Researcher development session 2014:
– research career in the industry by Dr Kristian Juul @Kristian_Juul Ferring Pharmaceuticals
– support for trainees from International Continence Society by Jennifer Ellis @ICSoffice
– how social media can help by Dr Loriel Anderson @LorielAnderson
– how open access publishing increases research impact by Kathryn Smith @BristolUniOA
– entrepreneur mindset by Dr Jonathan Bloor @DocComLtd
We met before International Consultation on Incontinence Research Society 


Meeting 2012-2015 took part in Bristol, UK.